Serum Ye effector Power 10 by It’s skin.


A bestseller among the serums of It’s skin! Yeast extract helps strengthen and brings vitality to the skin so that it recovers its original rhythm.


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Each of the concentrated formulas of its serums is enriched with 10 active ingredients, selected by dermatologists to combat different skin imperfections. Its dropper or pipette shaped jars are ideal for obtaining the precise amount of product. They come in different colors for each specific need. In total, 11 products to achieve an intensive treatment of high quality for each type of skin.

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Vitamin B, thanks to its control of sebum, reduces skin imperfections and softens it. The famous coenzyme Q10 provides elasticity and helps cell activation. With licorice extract the skin regains its tone, and reduces redness. The derivative of Vitamin C also has a depigmenting effect and helps to close and refine pores. The collagen concentrate reaffirms the skin, providing hydration and improving its elasticity. Adenosine from caviar reduces wrinkles, and reaffirms the skin.

It's Skin is a Korean cosmetic brand that stands out for its investment in skin care technology. Formed by dermatologists from the University of Seoul, It's Skin offers products for beauty and skin care formulated and scrupulously tested.